Diana Enache

Transforming perspectives: the power of removing limiting words

During my coaching sessions, I often notice something interesting. Clients tend to use words like “I must,” “I should,” and “I have to” quite a lot. 
Another common response that comes up for clients when I challenge them is “I don’t know”.

When that happens, my next question to them is, “What would you say and do if these words didn’t exist in your vocabulary?” 
It’s amazing to see the shift that follows – their thoughts, energy, and even body language change. 💡
Suddenly, they become more engaged and start expressing fresh perspectives and ideas. It’s truly a wonderful thing to witness.

Now, I want to invite you to the same thought experiment. Take a moment to reflect on a situation where you find yourself using the words “must” or “I don’t know” quite frequently. Once you’ve got that situation in mind, answer the following question: 
What would you say and do if you removed “must,” “should,” “have to,” and “I don’t know” from your vocabulary? 🤔

I’m curious to hear your thoughts and feelings, so please feel free to share them in the comments.

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