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Workbook for CLEAR Goals - Diana Enache

Goal Setting Mastery

How to formulate CLEAR professional goals in less than 1 hour

a coaching & neuroscience approach

Goal Setting Mastery

How to formulate CLEAR professional goals in less than 1 hour

a coaching & neuroscience approach

Hey you, goal ninja in-the-making

Have you been fumbling and feeling confused about setting CLEAR professional goals?

Ready to flip the goal setting script from “someday” to “today”?

Say hello to Goal Setting Mastery – your guide to formulating clear career goals in less than an hour.

No more aimless wandering. It’s time to pave your path with precision and purpose.

What's Inside?

4 Science-based insights

Discover the neuroscience of goals and goal-setting and explore why they are essential for success, professional growth and progress.

1 Neuroscience tool

Harness the power of your mind with this CLEAR tool, based on neuroscience, that taps into your visual system to help you focus. This tool comes in handy with carving time from the present moment to the point where you successfully achieve your goal.

12 Coaching questions

Get ready to answer thought provoking coaching questions that guide you through every step of the goal-setting journey. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity and focused action.

Who is it for?

High performers who value well-documented tools backed by evidence-based research.

High performers who prioritise goal clarity and taking focused action towards achieving their objectives.

High performers who want concrete career results.

High performers who are interested in a novel approach that combines neuroscience and coaching to facilitate effective goal setting and learning.

who is it for free resource

Whether you’re seeking to set meaningful goals or enhance your goal-setting skills, this resource is crafted with you in mind.

If you need

This FREE workbook is for you!

What you will find in this Workbook/ Table of contents

Why are CLEAR goals important?

What’ s this workbook about?

What will you get out of it?

What does science tell us about goals?

What can you do to prepare?

Let’ s answer some CLEAR goal setting questions!

Why the Goal Setting Mastery Workbook?

Why would you trust what I have to say?

I’m Diana Enache, career & business mindset coach. I help high performers get rid of self-sabotage and shift their mindsets to obtain their desired career changes.

I’ve had a knack for turning ideas into plans and plans into reality.

I’m like the Energizer bunny on a mission. Really, my friends call me that.

Over more than a decade in multiple roles in corporations and in my training & coaching business, whether it’s technical skills, self-development, learning about neuroscience, or helping others shift their thinking, I usually go all in.

Armed with the persistence of a squirrel collecting nuts for winter, I’m here to show you how goal setting can improve lives and accelerate careers.


Ready to get specific with your goals? Get your FREE copy of Goal Setting Mastery today and start your journey towards CLEAR goals. ​