Diana Enache

🤖 How coaching can help with conquering the fear of AI

I’m starting a new series of articles, inspired by the pains, struggles and goals of people I work with.
My aim with these posts is to shed some light on how coaching can help as a tool for personal and professional development.
Let’s explore how coaching can be a game-changer in navigating challenges and turning them into possibilities.

A hypothetical client comes to coaching with a fear of AI. They fear that the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) would render their job obsolete.
This fear has been gnawing at them for some time, as the client’s job involves tasks that, in part, could be automated by AI, which creates a sense of job insecurity.

Coaching could help them alleviate their fear of AI and change perspective to use it as a tool in their professional life. The client can discover they can use AI on a daily basis.
They can come to see AI as a valuable assistant, a tool that enhances their productivity and efficiency.
The client can learn how to adapt, upskill, and remain relevant in a changing job market.

If you’re struggling with fear of uncertainty, book a call with me and let’s work together to shift your mindset and get you the best out of your career and business.

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